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Most of the people in Delhi does not understand the real situation in the North and East of Sri Lanka! Palash Biswas

Most of the people in Delhi does not understand the real situation in the North and East of Sri Lanka!

Palash Biswas

Thanks the nature as the natural calamity in Kashmir connected us,the citizens of rest of India have been connected to Kashmir,the people of Kashmir and isolated the political class which brings forth the problem epicentre Kashmir.

Unfortunately,the humanitarian cause is a phenomenon which never goes beyond the calamity and I am afraid,as soon as the calamity is over,we have to witness the plight of suffering bleeding masses, victims of suicidal politics.

It is not very old story as we have seen this to happen with Tamilnadu which was connected to rest of India just because of Tsunami.It happened once again with the Himalayas which ecently exploded with the Kedar tsunami.

Nature unites us but we divide ourselves unnaturally.Deviation from nature is all about the politics.

The history of Tamil empire beyond this geopolitics,right into the heart of southeast Asia all over is something which should be treated as the ultimate pan Indian geography as well as the history.

Blind nationalism has taken over the helms of governance in the open market economic hegemony,but the nationalism is delinked from Kashmir,the Himalayas,the north East,ironically.The latest brands of rulers identify themselves with desi and multi national corporates as the Hindutva nation Gujarat expert ruling party president boasts that good days landed from the eden as the corporates are happy.

It is very relevant to understand the tragedy of the suspended, excluded demography of the untouchable India including Tamilnadu and Kashmir,entire northeast,the Himalayan range and central India subjected to racial apartheid, constant repression,non stopped war and civil war,human and civic rights voilation and finally ethnic cleansing.

I had not to write this at this juncture.But I am writing this in response to my fresh linkedin connection, Mr Kumarathasan Rasingam who complains that  Most of the people in Delhi does not understand the real situation in the North and East of Sri Lanka.

Dear Rasingam,I may hear the echoes of you voice in every corner of northeast,Himalayas and Central India where from New Delhi is nothing less the Pentagon in Washington,which is the residence of the rulers without any heart and mind.

I visited Tamilnadu from Chennai to Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari, Tiruchi, Madurai and Coimbtore,but miserably failed to connect the Tamil masses as my limited knowledge does not consist Tamil,the language which has the continuous History of the this geopolitical unit for seven thousand years skipping all the sets of dark ages so called.

My great teachers taught me the essential lesson so that I may track my roots in Tamilnadu as a descendent of Harappa and Mohan jo doro.

I tried to visit Tanjavur,the ancienT Tamil library,I could not.

I also visited Tiruneveli,I could not connect anyone because of linguistic distance.

i wanted to visit Tamil refugee camps as I belong to the refugee community myself,but I could not locate any.

The ruling hegemony has not to care as it is all about corporate interest.The Hindu nation does overlook Tamil and even the ancient Tamil empire which touched last limits of Asia  and which could be the ultimate pan Indian geography and history.

The initiative should be a start up on your side,on the people`s side any where in India or beyond to connect the rest of the geopolitics or the nation.

I would be happy to update myself with live streams from every part of this geopolitics including kashmir,northeast, the Himalayas and essentilly Tamilnadu.

via Kumarathasan Rasingam

Annual event to commemorate Tamil civilian deaths during the war has...

Annual event to commemorate Tamil civilian deaths during the war...

Sencholai-MassacreThe police stopped an annual event in Batticaloa which was organised by the local Tamil community to commemorate the relatives who were civilians killed in May 2009 by the Sri Lankan Army. The commemoration was...

15h ago

  • Kumarathasan Rasingam

  • Kumarathasan Rasingam

  • Kumarathasan Rasingam thank you very much Sir, It is very unfortunate most of the people in Delhi does not understand the real situation in the North and East of Sri Lanka. The Hindu Tamils are treated as Slaves to the military. The military in the North and East [The traditional and Historical homeland of the HINDU TAMILS] is at the ratio of for every seven civilians there is one soldier [07 : 01] the ratio of civilian to soldier.The DRACONIAN PTA laws gives wide powers to the military and they escape from the crimes because of the provision provided for immunity for soldiers serving the North and East. So, it is a very dangerous situation for women, girls and even children living in the North and East. less14h ago

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